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Nightingale Notes-Behind the Art

Behind the Art

Interview with Melissa Davis

          Starting an Opera Company and seem like a difficult journey for anyone, but with the Nightingale Opera Theatre having its Inaugural season it looks like someone has had some success.  Melissa Davis is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Nightingale  Opera Theatre.  This season the company is performing Kurt Weill’s Street Scene.  “I was looking for a piece that would give many performers an opportunity,” Davis went on to say, “I was also looking for something that would appeal to a large audience.”  With many choices out there, Davis had this to say about choosing Street Scene “I sat down with the score and listened to the show and loved it, I knew Street Scene would be our debut work.” Read the rest of this entry


Nightingale Notes-Behind the music

Behind the Music

Interview with Julie Pickering

            Conducting an opera can seem daunting for anyone, and with the Nightingale Opera Theatre in its inaugural season this would have to feel more like an army marching towards you.  So, armed with an Undergrad in Music Education and a Masters in Choral Conducting, both from Kent State University, Julie Pickering has faced this task head on like a trooper.  Julie Pickering is the Music Director for the Nightingale Opera Theatre presentation of Kurt Weill’s Street Scene.  Read the rest of this entry