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Theatre in East Asia-Japan


Bunraku (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Japan is a very unique place.  It strives to stay ahead of the rest of the world and still manages to keep traditions in tact.   In a world where every changes quickly it’s great to know that there is some stability somewhere.  Tradition is japan is kept up in arts, shrine/temples, and in some cases home life.  Yes, this does also include the theatre as well.  Now just grab a nice tall frosty beverage,  sit back, relax, and lets explore what these treasures hold for us. Read the rest of this entry


Theatre in East Asia-China

"锁麟囊" Beijing Opera Performance

“锁麟囊” Beijing Opera Performance (Photo credit: Gustavo Thomas)

China is no stranger to pretty much anything, and that includes theatre and music.  “What do you know about theatre in china?”  A very excellent question my good friend.  I am going to give you a look at two types of opera from china.  Here we go!! Read the rest of this entry

Theatre in East Asia-Korea

A Korean traditional dance

A Korean traditional dance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many time I have come across those who think they know all about the musics in Korea, China, and Japan.  When the bulk of there experience normally comes from the occasional history channel special. Even then outside of Kabuki and Beijing Opera not much else is known. ” Why look into Theatre in East Asia,” you may ask. The truth is that these performing arts and the music are so intertwined that both Ethnomusicologists and Theatre Ethnographers will have to study them. My area of focus being East Asian Musics it is important for me to know about them.  What I’m going to give you is just an overview of some of the more important theatre genres in East Asia.  I am going to start this three part series with Korea. Read the rest of this entry