Kent State University

Kent State University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Paul Wetzig is a studying Ethnomusicologist at Kent State University, and his main research deals with the music of East Asia.  To be more specific he studies Yogaku which is Japan’s adoption of western music, and is quickly establishing himself as an expert in this subject.  Paul is more than an academic.  He has also earned degrees in Vocal Performance(from Kent State University), and Music Technology(from Shawnee State University).  Paul is also an avid performer.  Having role in plays, musicals, and opera across Northeast and Southeast Ohio.  Join him on youtube, and @PaulWetzig on twitter.

Areas of Interest/Study:

East Asian Art Song

Adoption/Adaptation  of Western Notation in Japan

A Cappella Music

Schubert Lieder

Song/opera of Benjamin Britten

Studying/Listening to Vocal Techniques of Prominent Singers, past and present (Currently listening to-Bruce Ford, Richard Croft, Mario LanzaBejun Mehta, and Bryn Terfel; But always willing to discuss others).

Other Interests:

I am 3 Dan(3 Degree Black Belt) in Kendo(Japanese Fencing).


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